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Atupri – Supplementary insurance

10. July 2017 0 Comments

For some situations the basic insurance is simply not enough. Purchase your Atupri supplementary insurance until 31 August and get two monthly premiums for free.

Atupri offers you a solid insurance in all situations. Atupri supports you exactly when you need it – without administrative burden. The two different models of Atupri’s supplementary insurance Mivita are Reala and Extensa. They are tailored specifically to your needs. The services can be broken down as followed:

The basic model Reala offers you basic services independent from age and gender. This includes medical expenses of alternative medicine, glasses and trips abroad. More specific services are also included: They adjust to your age and gender. Atupri encourages a healthy lifestyle and covers a part of your fitness center fee in almost every fitness center in Switzerland.

In addition to the services of the basic model the supplementary model Extensa offers general services (e.g. operational vision correction). Moreover, a part of your fitness center fee is also covered.

Atupri - Supplementary insurance

Your needs and demands change over time – this is why you’re optimally insured with the supplementary insurance Mivita. You can enjoy a double benefit, when taking out before the 31 august. You’ll receive two monthly premiums for free.

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