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Changing preconditions

24. July 2017 0 Comments

Whenever something changes in your life, we’ll help you to find the optimal insurance for your current needs.

Desires, situation and preferences constantly change over time. This is why your insurance needs to adjust to the changes in your life. Marriage, birth of a new family member or children’s majority – we’ll guide you and find the optimal insurance.

Living with your partner or a family, it is worth to check different insurance services and find the perfect offer for you. What happens when I move in with my partner? Learn more about combination discounts. Founding a family is one of the most beautiful things there are. Besides getting cute little socks, it is important to think about the insurance of the newborn. Our recommendation: prenatal insurance. The usual health check is omitted. Therefore, no problems arise when applying for a supplementary insurance.

It is important for us to not act as a one-time broker, but to support you, whenever your situation changes. Together we find the optimal service package, that covers all situations.

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