Background information for your insurance

NEW: Launch Annex Products the Simple and Successful Way

4. June 2018 0 Comments
Annexprodukte - Bancassurance
Many businesses – such as telecom-providers, retailers or banks – have a substantial customer base and enjoy their customer’s confidence. This confidence is a great value and should be utilized to open up new revenue sources. Therefore, offering annex products alongside ...
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Family discounts

31. July 2017 0 Comments
SWICA Families receive a 78 percent discount on basic insurance (adult premium) for the first two children. Each additional child gets a 90 percent discount. Even children who are of full age between 19-20 get at least a 12 percent premium discount.
You can save a ...
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Wishing for a baby

31. July 2017 0 Comments
Although the basic insurance covers all medical necessities, many young or expectant mothers wish for a more specific protection. Our recommendation: a supplementary insurance that is specifically tailored for you. The obligatory basic insurance only covers what is mandatory ...
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How to find the right franchise

28. July 2017 0 Comments
With the right choice of franchise, you can save a lot of money. We will show you how. Finding the right basic insurance is often harder than it seems. Who can keep track? I have noticed that many people in my surroundings struggle to choose the right franchise. However thanks ...
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SWICA for a better sleep

26. July 2017 0 Comments
Who hasn't gone to sleep too late and woken up too soon. According to the federal office for statistics, almost one in four persons is suffering from sleep problems or sleep deprivation. Almost one third ...
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Changing preconditions

24. July 2017 0 Comments
happycouple Whenever something changes in your life, we'll help you to find the optimal insurance for your current ...
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Atupri – Supplementary insurance

10. July 2017 0 Comments
For some situations the basic insurance is simply not enough. Purchase your Atupri supplementary insurance until 31 August and get two monthly premiums for free. Atupri offers you a solid insurance in all situations. Atupri supports you exactly when you need it - without ...
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Prenatal insurance of your unborn baby

3. July 2017 0 Comments
The beginning of a new life is a precious gift. You can enjoy it in a carefree manner, because we handle your insurance. There is a broad offer of prenatal insurances. Which one offers the best protection for you and your child? Supplementary insurance should be purchases even ...
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Every step counts

26. June 2017 0 Comments
runner Not only your body, but also your wallet can benefit from a healthy lifestyle and physical exercise. Small digital companions help you and motivate ...
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Time for a change: switch your statutory health insurance and save.

8. March 2017 0 Comments
Every year about 1 million Swiss switch their statutory health insurance. Comparing service and your deductible ("franchise") brings quiet a lot of benefits.
It is worth comparing premiums and services.
With the introducton of the Health Care Insurance ...
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