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Family discounts

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Families receive a 78 percent discount on basic insurance (adult premium) for the first two children. Each additional child gets a 90 percent discount. Even children who are of full age between 19-20 get at least a 12 percent premium discount.

You can save a lot with family discounts.

Davide Moretto, Anivo customer service

How does this discount apply? Our customer consultant Davide has prepared an example:

Adult premium: CHF 285.-
Child premium child 1: CHF 62,70
Child premium child 2: CHF 62,70
Child premium child 3: CHF 28,50

Up to 90% discount = saved CHF 758,10. This is a significant amount of money, don’t you think?



Sanitas offers the first child a premium discount of 75% (adult premium), each additional child gets a 80 percent discount. The family and classic products, as well as Hospital Standard and Hospital Standard Liberty supplementary hospital insurance policies are for free for the third child and each additional child.



When two people are living in the same household, the family receives a five percent dicount. Three persons or more even get a ten percent discount.



Sanagate offers up to 20% discount on all supplementary insurance for children and young adults until the age of 21, as long as they are living in the same household.



Atupri’s family insurance creates an individual and flexible framework – every family member is optimally insured. You receive a premium discount of up to 10% for your supplementary insurance. When comparing, the discount is already included.



As a family insurance company CSS offers attractive family discounts on supplementary insurance for children and young adults up to the age of 20.

How do these discounts look? The myFlex outpatient supplementary insurance is free for children in the economy class! In the balance and premium classes, a 75 percent discount is offered. Also the myFlex supplementary hospital insurance is free for children in the economy class. For balance and premium, only half of the adult premium is payable. Time to find out more:

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