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HelloFresh x Anivo

11. August 2017 0 Comments

We value our customers! To say thank you, we will award every new customer a CHF 30.- voucher for a box from HelloFresh.

Anivo and HelloFresh go together perfectly because we pursue the same goals: Offering our customers the basis for a healthy and conscious lifestyle, be it by means of a healthy diet or through optimal insurance as the foundation for a worry-free life. HelloFresh delivers fresh and seasonal ingredients to your doorstep, so you can easily prepare a great variety of recipes at home. Everything’s included: Meat, vegetables, dairy products, nuts or even carefully weighed spices. The HelloFresh boxes are delivered in a fully recyclable packaging with ice packs keep to keep your ingredients fresh for up to 24 hours.


The boxes are delivered to you free of charge. Freshness, quality and minimizing food waste are important to HelloFresh: every ingredient exactly matches the amounts necessary for the included recipes.

We are happy to cooperate with a company that shares our philosophy of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. HelloFresh saves you time you would otherwise waste on shopping. Try it for yourself: We invite you to bring variety and diversity to your kitchen.

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