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7. September 2016 0 Comments

Roger Federer. His life could not be any more exciting, multifaceted and riskier. From the young tennis talent, he managed to become a professional and from there he became Champion and Idol and today he is a happy father of four kids. The right insurance adjusted to every situation!? Not just for Roger Federer a must!

„King Roger” born in a small suburb in Basel discovered rapidly as a young boy his talent to play tennis and improved it steadily. The young boy won match after match and managed to get into the international youth tennis league and from there he became a professional, champion and temporarily even the number one of the world ranking. But a sports career does not only involve fame and glory but unfortunately also a high risk for injuries.

Rogers solution: A private health insurance e with a rapid accommodation in hospitals and a quick access to physicians and medications.

And with the international career the number of stays abroad increases and as well the risk for a medical emergency abroad. The insurance has to be therefore adjusted and has to cover potential emergencies abroad.

Rogers solution:  An insurance that covers the costs of hospitalisation abroad and offers a return transport to the home country for free.

Certainly, as an athlete Roger has to promote his health and practise a lot. Beneficial alternative treatments and medications are however very costly. As well as the annual membership in the gym and potential stays in health resorts.

Rogers solution: In Rogers situation a supplemental insurance that covers prevention measures and contributed toward the costs of health resorts and alternative medications and treatments would be beneficial.

Yet, Rogers life revolves not only around sport and travel but especially around his family. The Swiss athlete is married since 2009 and became father of two sibling pairs. Those big rearrangements in life, alternate the insurance situation and demand in turn different covers.

Your life is not as famous as the one from Roger Federer, but you still want to be insured appropriately according to your life situation. And you also want to benefit of a constant consultant service?

Your solution: Anivo! Anivo is your personal need and event-orientated broker trying – depending on your life situation-  to recommend you individual covers of insurance protection. We try to – on the basis of need questions – to find simple and transparent an appropriate product for you. And then we further try to explain you it compréhensible within the scope of a consulting interview – via digital technologies (Skype, chat, free call-back number). We are all the time available for you and serve you as your personal contact person in ever situation (also in case of damage etc.) so that you are just as well insured as Roger Federer himself.



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