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Every step counts

26. June 2017 0 Comments


Not only your body, but also your wallet can benefit from a healthy lifestyle and physical exercise. Small digital companions help you and motivate you throughout the day.

Walk instead of taking the car or go for a quick stroll in the evening – CSS and SWICA encourage you to keep a healthy lifestyle. More than 11.000 customers live a healthy and active life and pay less for their insurance.

An electronic step counter helps you to measure your physical activities. What are the benefits of a physical exercise? If you walk between 7500 and 9999 steps per day, you’ll receive CHF 0,20 reduction. If you walk more, you’ll be rewarded CHF 0,40. You can save up to 146 francs on your health insurance premium.

Even people who smoke or suffer from obesity receive attractive discounts when changing their lifestyle. Exercise once a week and you’ll get great discounts on your supplementary health insurance.


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