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12. May 2017 0 Comments

It’s such a thing with insurance companies: they are a necessary evil – costs, which regularly incur, but you do not get an immediate benefit for it. Surely you have already asked yourself: are these insurances really necessary? Where else could I save money without sacrificing performance when it comes to an emergency?

Not every legal protection delivers on its promises.

Alexander Bojer, CEO Anivo

Legal protection insurance might seem unnecessary. It is inconceivable in which case this insurance would be effective. However imagine that your landlord suddenly needs a lot more money to pay the additional costs than in previous years – or when you were absent from your illness, your employer has terminated your employment agreement. A conflict can arise in everyday life from numerous situations.

Or have you ever been involved in disputes because of damages to your own vehicle after a traffic accident? In this case a legal dispute is unavoidable.

A legal dispute can very quickly become very expensive. In case of an alleged minor damage, legal and judicial costs of several thousand Swiss francs can quickly incur. This is where the legal protection insurance comes into play. Lots of insurances are offered in Switzerland, but according to an investigation by “Kassensturz” and the Foundation for Consumer Protection the results are clear: only one insurer is recommended:

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By far the best product at the best price

Insurance should provide you with one thing: security. If there is a legal dispute, it is good to know that legal protection insurance covers the costs for lawyers, judges, experts and witnesses.

Only an insurance company convinced the testers on the whole line and is worth a recommendation.

Kassensturz & Ktipp

Not every legal protection delivers on its promises. Exclusions, minimum values ​​and maximum damages amounts to the fact that the insurance does not even cover the dispute costs or only to a small extent. To make matters worse, some services are only insurable at an extra charge, thus increasing the cost of legal protection insurance even further.

Founded in 2012, Dextra is the only legal protection insurance company in Switzerland that does not belong to any interest group or insurance company. What characterizes it? We recommend Dextra for the following reasons:

  • Good understanding of offer & general conditions of insurance (GTI)
  • Transparent information – no technical jargon
  • Concludes conflicts against social insurance funds, which could prove to be existence-threatening
  • waiting period for services after completion: 60 days (comparable competition: at least 3 months)
  • Free choice of lawyers
  • Global coverage
  • Cancellation period: 1 day


What exactly has been included in the review?

All services were tested and evaluated, which accounts a powerful legal protection insurance. The examiners devoted themselves to all essential areas of life: private, work, transport and housing. The scope of the investigation was, for example, insurance premiums, insured persons, insured cases at no extra charge, as well as the insurance premium.


The following overview shows the parameters that have been investigated:

Diese Übersicht zeigt, welche Parameter untersucht wurden:

Additional services without surcharge

Dextra also takes the lead with the following additional services which are available at no extra charge:

  • Sum assured of CHF 600.000 for legal disputes in Switzerland and CHF 150.000 for legal disputes abroad – the highest ones in the market
  • No minimum value in litigation, which means coverage even for smaller disputes
  • There is no maximum value in litigation for labor law – full cost coverage is guaranteed

Sounds good – compare insurance now!

Not only the policyholder, but also people in the same household, as well as children (even when living abroad) do benefit from the scope of service of Dextra. It is also positive that Dextra fully covers costs of charge sheets and administrative costs.

In addition to standard services, numerous additional legal cases are included in the basic cover – and this does not include surcharges. The following disputes are included:

  • Labor law in managerial activities
  • Sideline self-employment with an annual turnover up to CHF 12,000
  • Sublease for self-contained accommodation
  • Rentals up to 12,000 CHF annual turnover
  • Construction law up to a construction sum of 150,000 CHF
  • Claims for damages including financial losses
  • Patient rights within Switzerland as well as abroad
  • Property right and substantive law for real estate and movable property
  • Floor level ownership and neighboring rights
  • Expropriation and opposition against planned constructions
  • Internet rights protection
  • Legal protection of copyright infringements (for example, illegal download of music)
  • Worldwide travel protection for all legal areas
  • Tax law can be insured in consultation

With Dextra you will get maximum performance with minimal cost. This makes it clear: you can sit back, sneak, and be carefree – because in case of an emergency, you are perfectly protected with Dextra and you have a service package that has passed all tests with the best price / performance ratio.



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