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With a supplemental insurance to a free gym membership

7. September 2016 0 Comments

Imagine: you are at the doctor who diagnoses you with diabetes and a high blood pressure. But instead of giving you medications, he tells you to start using the treadmill in the gym. If you then answer that you cannot afford the membership, he replies that the health insurance company will cover the costs. A possible scenario, as more and more health insurance companies offer their clients prevention discounts, such as a membership in the gym, in the course of a supplemental insurance. Then they know: more physical activity can prevent diseases of all kinds, it can reduce the mortality and even speed up the healing process of diseases.

Some analysis confirms a reduction of the mortality through regular exercise of about 35% for women and 25% for men.


Reduction of the death rate due to regulär physical activity. For men the decrease is about 25% for women it is about 35%.

Researches prove the advantageous effect of physical activity on general health and especially on the mortality. Some analysis confirms a reduction of the mortality through regular exercise of about 35% for women and 25% for men. Remarkably is that if a person has a lack of physical exercise and decides to start exercising, the impact is way more noticeable then the one of a person with moderate physical activity. It is therefore never too late to start dosed training units and regular physical activity. Research further proves that even elderly people (above 65 years) with increasing movement show a decrease in mortality. About 32% of risk minimisation for people above the age of 65 (Löllgen and Löllgen, 2009).

Another research of scientists of the London School of Economics and Political Science and Standford University confirms that exercise is one of the best prevention measures. The scientists analysed for this study 300.000 people to investigate if selective movement in the early stage of an illness (diabetes, disease of the coronary blood vessel and stroke) protects better from death than medications. According to the results of this research medications can prevent an early death caused by a disease in every case. Apart from diabetes, however, the protection of the medications is not better than the one from exercise: „For diseases of the coronary blood vessels exercise was equally effective as the usual prescribed medications. For the treatment of patients with a stroke the effect of movement actually even outperformed medications” (Berres, 2013). The recipe of the doctors is therefore: Sport instead of pills.


The future prescription of doctors?

It is a very beneficial to be regularly physically active, then even just a daily walk of 30 minutes can reduce the risk for cancer considerably. A membership in a gym nearby you is therefore beneficial for young and old, especially if the health insurance company covers the costs. Meanwhile a lot of Swiss health insurance companies offer these option in the course of a supplemental insurance, which is also cost-effective, if one is actually active in the gym. To inform yourself about all the benefits and prices of several Swiss health insurance companies visit our insurance comparison at There you can compare potential insurances, request non-binding offers and before a potential online closure of an insurance you can also contact our insurance experts personally via phone, chat or email. With them you can discuss your personal situation and they are happy to answer any question regarding you offer. With Anivo you are insured online and personally consulted.




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