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How to find the right franchise

28. July 2017 0 Comments

With the right choice of franchise, you can save a lot of money. We will show you how.

Finding the right basic insurance is often harder than it seems. Who can keep track? I have noticed that many people in my surroundings struggle to choose the right franchise. However thanks to my experience in this field, I can offer the right advice. Now I would like to give you a few helpful tips. The first step is figuring out what your needs are. Do I visit the doctors often or not? Is a hospital stay coming up next year? Important: costs for pregnancy cannot be subtracted from the franchise and excess.

Even with medical costs of CHF 1000.- you still get away cheaper with the highest franchise.

Alexander Bojer, CEO Anivo

Two to three doctor’s bills come up even for healthy people every year. Routine checkups at the gynaecologist, doctors appointments due to severe bronchitis during the winter… You see what I mean? This is why many are scared of the highest franchise. But this is a mistake. Even with medical costs of CHF 1000.- you still get away cheaper with the highest franchise.
Many are scared of an unexpected hospital bill. What’s the “worst case scenario”? With the highest franchise and excess, you pay CHF 3200.-. Compared to the lowest franchise, you pay around CHF 700.- more.

However, the savings potential in the “best case scenario” is a lot greater. You have a higher excess, but save significantly each month. If there are no medical costs, you can save over CHF 1400.- compared to the lowest franchise.

What about the steps in between? I wouldn’t recommend that. The premium discounts are usually too small to be worth it. Only choose the CHF 2000 franchise over the highest franchise if there is no difference in the premium between them.

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Whoever considers switching health insurer should firstly choose the right franchise and get more information about premium discounts from us directly.

My advice to people who are still undecided: if you expect medical bills of less than CHF 1800.- you should go for the highest franchise. All other people should go for the lowest franchise.

Alexander Bojer
CEO, Anivo 360 AG

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