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SWICA for a better sleep

26. July 2017 0 Comments

Who hasn’t gone to sleep too late and woken up too soon. According to the federal office for statistics, almost one in four persons is suffering from sleep problems or sleep deprivation.

Almost one third of one’s life is spent sleeping. But when sleep is a minor matter, health problems can be the consequence. Bad or too little sleep can cause a low thinking ability and higher risk of accidents. This is why SWICA releases a new program, which raises awareness for sleep deprivation and takes initial steps for recovery.

SWICA for a better sleep

E-health start up Mementor’s coaching program takes it from there. In cooperation with SWICA, they form a first contact point. This helps the insured person to get a better sleep.

During the first appointment (free of charge) a scientifically validated questionnaire helps to discover what kind of sleep problems the person has. In the second and fee-based step an individually designed program is set up.

Early detection of these sleep disturbances can prevent follow-up illnesses like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. SWICA supports all insured persons with generous discounts on the program costs of Mementor.

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