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In what capacities are individuals insured with third-party liability insurances?

6. June 2018 0 Comments

There are multiple capacities in which individuals under a third-party liability insurance are covered. These can differ from one insurance company to another. The following is meant to give you an overview of the most common capacities – for details have a look at your insurance policy or the general terms and conditions of insurance.

  • Private individuals concerning their own behavior: This covers smaller or larger mishaps in every day life causing damages to third parties
  • Head of family: Coverage concerning liability of parents for damages, caused by their children
  • Animal owners: Coverage concerning liability of animal owners for damages caused by their animals. For certain types of animals such as dogs or horses, special liability insurances with an extended scope of coverage are available
  • Tenants: Coverage concerning liability for damages in a rented apartments, which the landlord demands compensation
  • Employers of house personnel: e.g. when a maid causes damages while at work

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