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There are different models of basic health insurance – What are the differences?

6. June 2018 0 Comments

Basic health insurance offers different coverage models for policy holders. The most common models are “Telmed”, “General Practitioner” and “HMO” (Health Maintenance Organisation). All these models aim to reduce the cost of health care by specifying the way you receive medical care.

  • Telmed: By choosing this model, the policy holder agrees to get in touch with the health care provider’s hotline before seeing a doctor. Seeking medical advice from professionals by phone helps to avoid unnecessary doctor’s visits. Premium discounts with this model range from 5% to 10%.
  • General Practitioner: The insurance holder chooses GP and agrees to always see that specific doctor first in case of illness. The GP then decides, what the next steps should be. Health care providers offers premium discounts from 5% to 10% when choosing the GP model.
  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization): The policy holder chooses a general practitioner or group practice from list supplied by his health care provider and agrees (as with the GP-model) to visit the chosen practice first in case of illness. Due to agreements between health insurances and HMOs, insurances grant premium discounts of up to 20%.