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What do the franchise and deductible stand for in my health insurance?

6. June 2018 0 Comments

Insurance holders have to bear a part of the costs for the provided services. The insuree’s share consists of a fixed yearly amount (franchise) and 10% of all costs exceeding this franchise (deductible).

The regular franchise is CHF 300.- per calendar-year and the maximum deductible is CHF 700.- per year for adults. As a result, the maximum cost share an insurance holder, with a yearly franchise of CHF 300.-, has to carry himself is CHF 1000.- per calendar-year.

Health care providers let customer choose the height of their franchise. The franchise options for adults usually range from CHF 500.- to CHF 2’500.- for adults and CHF 100.- to CHF 600.- for children.

Choosing a higher franchise results in a significant reduction of the annual insurance premiums. however, it does have the effect that insurants have to carry higher costs in case of illness.

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