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What exactly do the four fundamental risks covered by household insurance include?

6. June 2018 0 Comments

Household insurance covers the four fundamental risks fire, water, theft and glass breakage.

  • Fire amongst others includes fire damages, lightning strikes or explosions as well as natural hazards (flooding, high winds, hail, avalanches, snow pressure, rockfall and landslides)
  • Water amongst others includes water pipe leakage, water penetration into the building, leaking heating oil and frost damages
  • Theft amongst others includes home burglary theft outside of your home (e.g. at hotels), robbery (also in- and outside your home) as well as the so called “petty larceny” (e.g. larceny by trick). Hereby the different coverage caps for jewelry and valuables need to be considered. For expensive jewelry additional insurances for valuables are available.
  • Glass breakage amongst others includes glazing (windows, glass doors) and, depending on the coverage scope of the household insurance, glass furniture (mirrors, glass cases, glass tables, etc)