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When can I terminate my health insurance?

6. June 2018 0 Comments

When it comes to terminating your health insurance it’s necessary to differentiate between basic health insurance and supplementary insurance:

  • If you have a basic health care plan with the lowest deductible (Adults CHF 300.- / Children CHF 0 .- per year) and a free choice of the care provider (standard-model), you can terminate your health insurance with effect of June 30th, subject to a 3 month period of notice. This means, the insurance provider you would like to terminate you contract with should receive your termination no late than March 31st.
  • In all other types of basic health care plans a termination with effect on December 31st is possible. Again, subject to a three month period of notice. Therefore, your former insurer should receive your termination no later than September 30th. If a premium increase is the reason for your termination the period of notice reduces to one month. In this case, your insurer should receive your letter of termination before November 30th.
  • For private supplementary health insurances cancellation periods differ from one another. Some supplementary insurances have a multiple year minimum term and a cancellation period of six months. You can find the cancellation terms within the General Insurance Conditions of your supplementary health insurance.

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