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Prenatal insurance of your unborn baby

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The beginning of a new life is a precious gift. You can enjoy it in a carefree manner, because we handle your insurance.

There is a broad offer of prenatal insurances. Which one offers the best protection for you and your child? Supplementary insurance should be purchases even before the birth of your child – we are happy to give you more information about the advantages.

The most crucial factor for a prenatal insurance is that your child is guaranteed to be accepted into all desired supplementary insurances.

The most crucial factor for a prenatal insurance is that your child is guaranteed to be accepted into all desired supplementary insurances. The usual health checks are omitted. If you insure your child before birth, he or she gets access to all services later, since the health of an unborn child cannot be put into question.

Illness during childhood can complicate the acceptance into a supplementary insurance. To avoid the health check, it is reasonable to take out an insurance before the child’s birth. There are many reasons for the application to get turned down: Knee injury or a nervous affection can make it harder to get a supplementary insurance. Insurance before the child’s birth offers reliable protection for your child.
Prenatal insurance of your unborn baby

If you are already insured with SWICA or are planning that in the nearest term, prenatal insurance can be purchased for you child. It is important to note that at least one parent must already have or be planning to have a basic and supplementary insurance from SWICA. The application must be submitted before birth.



You can choose between classic model and family model as your supplementary outpatient insurance. Hospital Standard Liberty is freely selectable. To be accepted for Hospital Extra Liberty, Hospital Top Liberty or Hospital Upgrade at least one parent has to have the desired supplementary insurance.


Atupri offers your child a prenatal insurance without a health check. If you have a supplementary insurance from Atupri, your child benefits from attractive discounts. You’ll receive a parental bed and you’ll be supported on breastfeeding during your hospital stay. Baby massage, baby swimming during the first two years, dental treatments, as well as orthodontist corrections are covered by Atupri. Moreover, Atupri gives you one monthly premium of Mivita for free.


The baby package of Helsana includes basic insurance, as well as the most important supplementary insurances. Your child will be accepted into the desired supplementary insurance even without a health check. You’ll get one year of dental care and supplementary hospital insurance for free.

Groupe Mutuel

With Groupe Mutuel there is no need to fill out any health questionnaires. Your child is reliably insured, independent from its health. You can choose between Global classic plus, Global mi-privée und Global privée.

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