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Wishing for a baby

31. July 2017 0 Comments

Although the basic insurance covers all medical necessities, many young or expectant mothers wish for a more specific protection. Our recommendation: a supplementary insurance that is specifically tailored for you.

The obligatory basic insurance only covers what is mandatory during pregnancy. That includes seven checks carried out by a doctor or a midwife, as well as two ultrasound examinations. Before birth a antenatal class by a midwife is covered. When having a high-risk pregnancy, all necessary checks and ultrasound examinations are covered by the insurer. After birth, you’ll receive breastfeeding advice and follow-up inspections between the week six and ten.

Wish for a baby

Mothers-to-be have a great desire to have more protection during pregnancy and the weeks after. No wonder, as this life changing event is not at all ordinary. This is why many different insurers offer supplementary and daily benefits insurance. An overview:

Atupri’s supplementary insurance Mivita offers you numerous benefits. To cover all financial consequences caused by accident or illness, unemployed mothers can take out daily benefits insurance.

Sanitas offers a daily benefits insurance to all those, whose employer does not cover enough insurance protection. Part-time employees, self-employed workers and family managers pertain to the target group.

CSS, Helsana and Sanagate offer possibilities to choose from different supplementary insurances, to cover your specific needs during maternity.

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