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  • Car insurance cancellation

All information on how to cancel your car insurance

You want to cancel your car insurance? No problem, here you can find all relevant information about how to cancel your car insurance.

Cancellation of your car insurance

Wenn If you want to cancel your car insurance, you can do this when it comes to these five cases:

  • When the contract expires
  • When changing vehicles
  • For a premium increase
  • When ownership changes
  • In case of damage


Cancellation of car insurance when the contract expires

The duration of the insurance contract can be found in the policy and in the general conditions of your company. Almost all contracts of car insurances automatically extend for another year if no notice of cancellation of the car insurance arrives.

Termination dates and notice periods for car insurance cancellation on expiry of the contract:

Insurance company Insurance year end date Notice period
Allianz-Suisse 31.12. 3 months
AXA Winterthur 31.12. 3 months
Basler 31.12. 3 months Datum des Vertragsabschlusses 1 month
Generali 31.12. 3 months
Helvetia Versicherungen Datum des Vertragsabschlusses 3 months
Die Mobiliar Datum des Vertragsabschlusses 3 months
TCS 31.12. 3 months
Vaudoise 31.12. 3 months
Zurich Datum des Vertragsabschlusses 3 months
Zurich Connect Datum des Vertragsabschlusses 3 months


Cancellation of car insurance when changing vehicles

In case of a vehicle change, you can cancel the existing car insurance. The annual premium will be refunded proportionately.

Cancellation of car insurance in case of a premium increase

When your insurance increases the premiums of your car insurance, they are obliged to inform you. Are you don’t agree, you can terminate the contract at the end of the insurance year. The termination letter must reach your insurance company latest on the last day of the insurance year.


Cancellation of car insurance at change of driver

A change of driver causes rights and obligations under the liability insurance are transferred to the new holder. The new holder has the right to terminate the agreement within 14 days after the change. The annual premium of the car insurance will be refunded proportionately.


Cancellation of car insurance in case of damage

Each submitted damage for which the insurance company shall provide services, the contract by both parties might be terminated. You have the possibility to submit the cancellation notice of at least 14 days after the company has announced that it pays for the damage. The coverage expires upon receipt of the cancellation notice at your insurance company.

Here you find a template for the cancellation of a your car insurance

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