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Your affordable car insurance in Switzerland!

Are you looking for the cheapest car insurance with an attractive range of services? The easiest way to do this is by comparing car insurance with us, where you receive the lowest premiums for your car within a few seconds.

Large differences in prices for car insurance in Switzerland!

The price differences on the Swiss insurance market have become significantly bigger over the last few years, making a change of car insurance even more attractive. By switching to a cheaper car insurance, motorists can save millions of Swiss francs on premiums every year.

Due to the increasing competitive pressure in the car insurance industry, many insurance providers offer cheap car insurance over the internet, convincing vehicle owners to change their car insurance.

But before changing the car insurance, you should compare all information about the car insurance from the different providers to actually get the cheapest car insurance offer with the best range of services.

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Conveniently compare car insurances within a few minutes!

Searching for a cheap car insurance in Switzerland is very time-consuming, due to the abundance of providers.

By using the online car insurance comparison of this becomes super easy: After entering all necessary data into the online insurance comparison, you will receive an overview of offers of renowned Swiss insurance providers. You will be able to compare the insurance premiums, and also get a detailed product overview of the individual deals on the car liability insurance, the insurance (partial cover and fully comprehensive) and the additional coverage as personal accident Insurance, assistance, gross negligence, parking damage, etc.

Insurance premiums vary depending on the vehicle and driver. With our insurance comparison you are able to keep track and you will surely find a cheap car insurance with lots of additional information which corresponds to your product wishes.

An online car insurance comparison is worth it!

First compare, then change the car insurance!

Insurance providers are changing premiums for car insurance every year.

The car insurance comparison is quick and easy to perform and you get comprehensive information about the insurance products of your car insurance. After finding your desired insurance in the offer overview, you will receive all offers comfortably via email, so you will be able to study them calmly and you will get advice from our independent insurance experts. Once you have chosen a provider for your future car insurance, you can take out the car insurance of your choice directly online.

By regularly reviewing your car insurance and a changing the provider when required, you can save premiums up to several hundred Swiss francs each year, depending on the driver’s profile and vehicle type. Only a few clicks on our car insurance comparison are necessary to give you an overview of the best and cheapest car insurances.

Not only the price but also the cover options are important!

With our online car insurance comparison, you will not only find a cheap car insurance, but you will also be able to compare the features and additional information of the individual offers with each other.

For your car insurance you will find details about

  • Basic coverage (liability, partial coverage, fully comprehensive)
  • Deductibles
  • Additional coverage for parking damages, assistance, personal accident insurance, gross negligence, headlights etc.
  • Various additional services

Which product suits my needs?

There are 3 basic products of a car insurance:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Partial Cover
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance (Partial Cover and Collision Insurance)


The liability insurance is a basic protection prescribed by law. Driving a car without it is not allowed without it. The liability covers injury or damage to third persons caused by a car accident.

The partial coverage covers the following risks: car theft, natural hazards such as hail, landslide, flood, glass damage to windscreens and other vehicle parts made of glass or similar materials, collisions with animals, vandalism such as malicious demolition of antennas, wipers or rear-mirrors, puncturing of tires, damages caused by martens.

The collision insurance covers self-inflicted damages to your own vehicle. For leased vehicles, the leasing company usually requires a collision insurance coverage. It is recommended that at least a fully comprehensive insurance (partial and collision insurance) with value supplement should be concluded for the first four to five years.

You will find more about the different insurance products here!

How to terminate a car insurance:

An insurance comparison can always be performed. However, the termination of the existing car insurance is possible only in the following cases:

  • Expiry of contract
  • Exchange of vehicle
  • Increase of premium
  • Change of owner
  • Damage claim


If you want to cancel your car insurance on expiry of the contract, the appropriate term has to be kept: The deadline for cancellation of the car insurance usually ends on September 30 each year, three months before the contract expires on December 31. You will find the details about the expiry of your contract for your car insurance in your car insurance policy.
If you terminate your old car insurance up to this date you will be able to compare car insurances and switch to a cheaper car insurance provider. The old car insurance then runs out on December 31 and the new car insurance begins with the agreed inception date, e.g. on January 1st.

Vehicle owners who want to terminate their car insurance should use this period to compare the cheapest car insurance providers in the market. The new car insurance should be completed by the end of the year in order to guarantee an insurance coverage by January 1st.

More information about the termination of your car insurance.


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