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Anivo.ch is a service provided by Anivo 360 AG, registered at the commercial register of the Canton Zug, CHE-448.803.850. The Anivo 360 AG is an insurance broker regulated by FINMA (Swiss federal supervisor of the financial market) at the register number 29721.

Anivo 360 AG
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CEO: Alexander Bojer
Anivo 360 AG takes the responsibility for the content.


The services of Anivo 360 AG (Anivo.ch) support clients in the management of their insurance portfolios. The services offered include information about insurance products and insurance companies, analysis and management of existing insurance portfolios. Therefore Anivo 360 AG requires personal and non-personal user data. The general terms and conditions specify which data are required by Anivo 360 AG and the purpose they will be used for, as far as this does not arise from the circumstances.

Legal basis and changes

In the processing of personal user data, Anivo 360 AG adheres to the available data security statement and the valid legislation, in particular to the Swiss Data Protection Act. Anivo 360 AG also obligates its employees and other 3rd parties who work on user data to conform to laws. The services of Anivo 360 AG will be extended in the course of time. For this reason, or based on altered circumstances, Anivo 360 AG can adapt the available data security statement at any time without advance notice and report. The latest version published on the website anivo.ch applies.

Required data

Only personal data will be raised which result from the use of services of Anivo 360 AG or from any other form of exchange, including data which are entered through online forms or through the usage of services of Anivo 360 AG by the user (Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.), personal data (name, physical address, phone number, email address, date of birth, sex etc.), automatically conveyed usage data (date and time of use, previous and called internet pages, IT address, data of the browser used, device identification, location and other information as far as provided etc.), interaction data which do not require the installation of additional software (mouse movements and clicks plus keystrokes on the website anivo.ch), personal data generated by anivo.ch or other third parties (identifications, personal offers of suppliers which are provided to users by anivo.ch), correspondence and other communication with the user (emails, phone calls which can be recorded if required).
These data can be linked with one another also across several sessions and contacts if a user or a profile is recognized based, for instance, on a user name, an email address, or device identification of “Cookies”.

Cookies are a widely used technique in which a unique identifier is assigned to the user’s browser showing it on demand. Anivo 360 AG normally purges this identification after each session, however, we also use permanent cookies in order to be able to analyse the use of the website and personalize our services. By individual browser settings permanent cookies can be limited, automatically deleted or blocked. This does not limit the use of the website, whereas blocked temporary cookies (session cookies) can limit the user experience of the website. If a user permits cookies, Anivo 360 AG assumes he/she agrees to their employment.

On the website anivo.ch Anivo 360 AG uses elements and third party services which provide usage statistics or which enable user access to social networks and other third party offers. Thus these third parties could receive limited personal data in case third party cookies or logins are in use. These third parties are mainly Facebook and Google (Google Analytics, AdWords, Google+, YouTube etc.). In order to protect our user’s privacy, Anivo 360 AG considers individual browser settings which may block user tracking. However, users who click on an advertisement of a third party provider leave the area of influence of Anivo 360 AG, hence any further data provision cannot be controlled. The user must adhere to the responsible third party in this case.

Data processing

Anivo 360 AG can use data provided or raised on behalf of the client for the following purposes:

  • for the provision of services offered by Anivo 360 AG;
  • for the production of all kinds of statistics, for instance on interests into products and the usage of services of Anivo 360 AG;
  • for the development of future services and offers of Anivo 360 AG;
  • for internal training purposes and quality control;
  • for the development of user relations (e.g. via newsletter);
  • to control advertisements and own announcements (with third parties);
  • to guarantee security and availability of the systems and data of Anivo 360 AG and/or the service providers;
  • for any enterprise transactions of Anivo 360 AG concerning user data;
  • to discover, prevent and fight against abuse;
  • to answer justified, official inquiries in connection with the enforcement of claims or other legal dispute concerning or involving Anivo 360 AG.

Further purposes of use will result from the circumstances, the legal obligations, or the collection of the relevant data.

Data disclosure to other third parties

Anivo 360 AG, in principle, does not disclose any personal data to third parties, except the following: Anivo 360 AG can hire third parties which provide analyses of personal data on behalf and exclusively for the purposes of Anivo 360 AG (e.g. polling institutes). Anivo 360 AG ensures in an appropriate way that these third parties work on the data in the same way as Anivo 360 AG is authorized to.

Anivo 360 AG can disclose personal data to third parties at the request of the user (requests for quotes, registration etc.), if this is a prerequisite for the provision of services wanted by the user, or if Anivo 360 AG explicitly informed the user of the disclosure of his/her data. In unusual individual cases (e.g. abuse) the disclosure of data can also be based on other circumstances as described in this document (e.g. for legal purposes).

Anivo 360 AG cannot control, guarantee or take on responsibility that receiving third parties adhere to data protection rules of Anivo 360 AG; they work on the data for their own purposes perhaps also abroad, where equal legal data security as in Switzerland may not exist.

Anivo 360 AG can disclose anonymized personal user data in a way that third parties cannot be expected to draw their own conclusions on the identity of the users.

Legal provisions

All information and content on anivo.ch in particular price and/or service information from (health) insurance companies as well as their representation methods are subject to the copyright of Anivo 360 AG. Anivo 360 AG expressly reserves itself all relevant rights.

By usage, downloading or copying no rights regarding the software or other content elements on anivo.ch will be transferred to the user. The same applies for the brand name “Anivo”, which is a registered trademark of Anivo 360 AG.

The user of anivo.ch expressly agrees not to use the information provided on the website in any other way or form outside of the original intended purpose. In particular, the user omits to copy, publish or reproduce the accessible data in any form, notably on the internet.

Links on the offers of Anivo 360 AG are expressly permitted, provided that these remain clearly recognizable as offers by Anivo 360 AG. Please inform Anivo 360 AG if you attach a link to anivo.ch. For violations of these copyright conditions Anivo 360 AG reserves itself the right to take legal action.

The information published on anivo.ch neither represents a recommendation nor a request for the purchase or sales of any products or services.

Additional information

Anivo 360 AG endeavours to ensure the accuracy and topicality of the information provided, but gives neither an explicit nor implicit warranty of guarantee regarding the correctness, reliability or completeness. Anivo 360 AG expressly reserves the right to change the published information at any time, or to restrict public access.

No liability

Anivo 360 AG will not be liable in any case (including negligence) for losses, direct- or indirect damages which could result from access, use and any further employment of the information and opinions published, or from linking Anivo.ch to any other website, even if Anivo 360 AG referred to the possibility of such damages.

No guarantee for other websites

From Anivo.ch other websites can be accessed by published links and Anivo.ch is accessible by links from other websites. Anivo 360 AG cannot take over any guarantee and/or liability for these websites and their contents.