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Health insurance is in addition to life insurance by far the most expensive private customer insurance in Switzerland. According to the Swiss Federal Office for Statistics every inhabitant on average spends 10% of his monthly gross income on health insurance (basic- and supplementary health insurance).

Comparing your insurance on a regular basis pays off

By a regular comparison of the offers of the Swiss health insurance providers every year several hundred francs could be saved on premiums.

However a manual comparison can take a lot of time, whereas comparing the most reasonable Swiss health insurance providers online only takes a few minutes.

Comparison of basic health insurance offerings as well as supplementary health insurance offers in a few easy steps is the recommended insurance comparison in Switzerland. Using our online comparison service you will get a detailed overview of the best Swiss health insurance provider offers by simply entering your personal information like your year of birth, home zip code, as well as the desired franchise (which is the amount you are willing to bear by yourself each year).

After selecting the desired product (basic health insurance, supplementary health insurance, accident insurance) you will receive the best insurance premium in less than five seconds. Simply, anonymously and free of charge.


For your individual offering, you not only compare the basic health insurance but also get recommendations for supplementary health insurance which fits your needs

In addition to the comparison of the basic health insurance premium we have developed a check for your personal demands. You just have to let us know your preferences by answering seven simple questions, and we will provide you with the best products for you!

In just a few minutes you will receive a more detailed overview of offers of the best health insurance companies in Switzerland from us – and not only for your compulsory basic health insurance but also for your private supplementary health insurance.

Comparison of the basic health insurance and accident insurance

The basic health insurance is mandatory for all residents in Switzerland, adults as well as children, regardless of their nationality. There is no family insurance. Foreigners living in Switzerland with a residence permit of three months or longer, as well as foreigners working within a shorter period than three months who do not have a comparable health insurance, are obliged to have a health insurance. You have three months to register for a health insurance from the beginning of the insurance period.

Should the authorities determine that the obligation is not fulfilled, the authorities will allocate you to any of the Swiss health insurance providers. In this case, you can no longer select your provider.

All providers are obliged to include you in the compulsory basic health insurance – unreservedly and irrespective of your age and your state of health.

The benefits of the basic health insurance scheme are also regulated by law, i.e. regardless of your provider the scope of services is always stays the same. However, there are differences in the service offers and the settlement procedures of the providers.

In addition to the basic health insurance, you can cover an accident insurance as well as a private health insurance with your health insurance provider.

The accident insurance is a very important component within your private health insurance and should be definitely covered. Please note that if your employment contract exceeds 8 hours per week, your employer is obliged to cover possible consequences of occupational and non-occupational accidents. In case of receiving unemployment benefits you are also included into accident insurance. A separate accident insurance is only necessary if you are self-employed.

The supplementary health insurance – Important aspects to know…

Unlike the basic health insurance, the private supplementary health insurance offers the possibility of a comprehensive covering in terms of health care services and health care costs. The private supplementary health insurance policy therefore is an essential component of the health insurance to receive a comprehensive protection against the consequences of sickness.

In contrast to the basic health insurance scheme, the benefits of the supplementary health insurance are not regulated by law. This means that the providers are free in the design of their products. Correspondingly, there are many different offers. For this reason a comparison is absolutely necessary in order to cover your individual needs.

In principle, the additional health insurance is divided into two types:

  • Benefits in the event of a hospital stay, such as treatments in a semi-private or private hospital unit or the regional expansion of your cover in Europa or worldwide
  • Services for out-patient treatments, such as alternative medicines like homeopathy and acupuncture or a dental insurance

In addition, you can cover a possible loss of income as a result of sickness over the benefits of your basic health insurance by including a daily benefit insurance.

For the supplementary health insurance, the insurer decides whom to insure

In contrast to the basic health insurance scheme health insurance providers are free to accept insured persons. As health insurance offers vary, a detailed health insurance comparison is essential!

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