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Why to use an online insurance comparison

Insurance policies should be compared periodically, since it is possible only in this way to find bargains.

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Advantages of an online insurance comparison in detail

You might also have been thinking about an insurance comparison by an insurance broker and then decided not to oppose all the offers, as it would have been too time-consuming to obtain several offers from different insurers. It is however much faster and more effectively, especially because the online insurance comparison includes a large time and cost savings. It can also be performed within a few minutes. Such an insurance comparison is fast, free and anonymously beyond. Anyone who desires insurance advisory in that context is in good hands with ANIVO – the first Swiss online insurance broker.

Apart from the anonymity, the free of charge principle and the rapid execution an online insurance comparison by insurance broker can still be distinguished by other advantages. Like this you can use the insurance comparison, 24 hours and every day. Moreover, the insurance comparison always includes numerous services of the best Swiss insurance companies. Furthermore, consumers can benefit from an online insurance comparison by an insurance broker due to the fact that objectivity is guaranteed. Therefore you don’t have to get the feeling that the respective insurance broker will make a subjective insurance advisory, so you opt for the possible sale, for which he can collect the highest commission in this context. Therefore with the online insurance comparison is very important that the insurance broker is neutral and that an insurance advisory takes place on an objective base.

For a better overview the previous advantages an online insurance comparison provides, should get listed below again:

  • uncomplicated
  • anonymous
  • free of charge
  • quickly and effectively
  • available 365 days and around the clock
  • high transparency
  • absolute objectivity

Some details should be observed when comparing insurance

With an insurance comparison – with or without insurance advisory – one should always ensure that as many product details as possible are listed in the comparison results. This applies equally to insurance comparisons made on your own, as well as for of such comparisons, for example, that are carried out by an insurance broker. In an even larger scale mentioning of product details of course are necessary with a comprehensive insurance advisory, because only the ones who have a large amount of information on the various offers or specific insurance, may decide on a solid basis for or against a proposal. Therefore, also the insurance comparison from leading insurance broker is designed in such a way, in which as many terms and other contract details and benefits as possible are observed while facing the many providers. That has the significant advantage that the probability is very high, that the best offer for an individual customer can be found.

An insurance comparison moreover always makes sense when the personal requirements situation has changed. This may for instance be the case if a new car is needed or if the family enlarges. However, a manual comparison by retrieving various deals is not recommended because this will cost you a large amount of time and efforts. Instead, an online insurance comparison is much more effective and cost saving. The insurance comparison and insurance advisory are recommended in these cases to locate the best deals.

An online insurance comparison through an insurance broker, which is carried out with an individual insurance advisory, by the way not only recommended if one is looking for a new insurance policy. In addition a comparison of deals is suggested not only when the respective insurance already exists, but also when you are looking for a cheaper alternative. Also in this context insurance brokers are helpful who are often already familiar with numerous offers and can therefore effectively and quickly perform a comparison.

Do I need an Online Insurance brokers?

All these advantages indicate that you perform an online insurance comparison on a regular basis, which also in addition should be done through a transparent insurance broker, which also performs an insurance advisory. For more and more consumers nowadays it is namely important that the insurance comparison not only opposes the respective conditions, but customers also now expect an objective and competent advice from an insurance broker, that is committed neutral and to no specific insurance company. Precisely for this reason it is important that the insurance comparison is not only effective, anonymous and also free of charge. But also it should be ensured that you opt for a competent and objective provider who performs the insurance advisory as a neutral insurance broker.

Should the insurance broker namely tend to prefer certain insurance companies, this would, of course, for you negatively are reflected in the insurance advisory, so that the insurance comparison as such would no longer be objective. Therefore it is important that you choose an insurance broker that performs a free and anonymously insurance comparison for you, where a competent insurance advisory is a top priority.

With ANIVO you are in good hands and as our slogan already states: Online insured. Well advised.

ANIVO as online insurance broker offers numerous advantages

If you decided for an online insurance comparison, ANIVO as an insurance broker is the best choice for you. ANIVO is the first Swiss online insurance broker who undertakes an objective online insurance comparison and furthermore offers you a technically sound insurance advisory. In this context ANIVO offers an insurance comparison of the best Swiss insurance companies among others in the fields of car insurance, health insurance, legal expenses insurance, home insurance, liability insurance and the leading health insurance companies. Here customers benefit from the fact that a personal and individual insurance advisory gets performed by an independent insurance expert. In addition, with ANIVO you can compare many insurance companies within a few minutes only. The insurance comparison is absolutely free, quick and anonymously.

A big advantage with the online insurance comparison of ANIVO also lies in the fact that there is an intuitive user interface, so that the comparison as such is easy to use. This is supported by an appealing design. In addition, you receive online product information thru the insurance broker, such as additional coverage, deductibles and any additional services, so that an insurance advisory is fundamentally thru this information and many details get supplied. In any case, you will benefit from a personal advice in the field of insurance advisory. Finally the online insurance comparison leads to another advantage, namely that you can complete easily insure and go. This not only saves money, but also time and energy. In addition the insurance comparison through the insurance broker including the insurance advisory gives you the good feeling to always be properly and needs-based insured…

In summary, you will again find the advantages from which you can benefit if you take out an insurance comparison and insurance advisory from insurance brokers with ANIVO listed below:

  • objective and independent Insurance advisory
  • anonymous and free insurance comparison
  • simple and transparent
  • individual Insurance advisors
  • high security of your data
  • no spam and unwanted calls
  • convenient online statements

ANIVO is your personal insurance broker. Online insured. Well advised.

Anivo.ch is the first Swiss online insurance broker. We offer an online insurance comparison of the best Swiss insurance providers, combined with individual and personal insurance advice by our independent insurance experts, whenever you wish. Thus Anivo.ch is the recommended insurance comparison in Switzerland.

You can currently find an insurance comparison for your car insurance on Anivo.ch. We will expand our insurance comparison to home insurance, liability insurance and legal protection insurance. Through our innovative insurance comparison you will not only find the best prices, but you can also compare the detailed services of insurance products.

In addition, you will find an innovative health insurance comparison on Anivo.ch, which allows you to compare the premiums for basic health insurance and the benefits of the supplementary insurance of the leading Swiss insurance providers. To make your choice easier, our insurance experts have compared and transparently evaluated all products of the supplementary insurance. In this way you will not only compare insurance premiums with us but also the quality of their products!

Currently you are able to compare your car insurance – liability insurance, partial coverage, comprehensive insurance or accident insurance with our online insurance comparison service in less than 2 minutes. Simple, anonymous and free of charge. A personal point of contact will assist you in your matters with advice and practical help if you wish.