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Year after year the civil courts are dealing with tens of thousands of legal procedures – people with a legal protection insurance are the blessed ones here. If a dispute can’t be settled by mutual agreement, the courts will find one and in this case it’s very useful to have a legal protection insurance. The resulting costs for the lawyer and for the court will be covered by the legal protection insurance.

But what has to be considered concerning legal protection insurance? What benefits can you expect by comparing legal protection insurance offers? How can you possibly save money through the legal protection insurance comparison? Let’s take a closer look into questions.

Clarifying disagreements judicially – more than expensive without a legal protection insurance

A proverb says “The most pious can’t live in peace if the bad neighbor doesn’t like it”. Even the most peaceful person or the best neighbor or employee could be pulled into a court dispute through his environment without being at fault. Going through such a court case without a legal protection insurance can not only be very costly, but could also under circumstances result in a financial ruin, especially when it runs through multiple instances.

What does the legal protection insurance cover in detail? The legal protection insurance bears the costs of the dispute but also does more, as also potential expert reports are paid by the insurance. However, not always, as with the legal protection insurance comparison you will have to find out, what is included in the legal protection insurance, and where you have to set up the legal protection insurance like “modular system”. What does that mean?

When it comes to the legal protection insurance comparison, it is conspicuous that the insurance offers cannot be compared at a glance, because the basic offerings are too different. So before comparing the legal protection insurance you will have to assemble your “modular kit”, and put together a package, which is fit to cover the individual claims with your insurance.

The legal protection insurance comparison – What are the components of the legal protection insurance?

Legal protection insurance is based on a modular principle. This means, that as an insured person you can put the package of benefits together as you think you will need it. Here the areas of life that seem to be worthy of protection are caught by the insurance. Therefore five so-called modules exist through the entire industry:

  • Private legal protection insurance
  • Motor legal protection insurance
  • Residential legal protection for homeowners and tenants
  • Property rights protection
  • Professional legal protection insurance

Distinctive features of the legal protection insurance

Depending on the insurer also special insurance for the field of family law and criminal law is available – criminal aspects are normally excluded, as a criminal offense always implies an intentional act or at least negligence. If the criminal component should also be covered, one has to take a closer look at the legal protection insurance comparison and might possibly have to “dig deeper into the pocket”.

Whoever does the legal protection insurance comparison, will realize very quickly that the above-mentioned modules do not cover individual needs. The professional legal protection insurance or private legal protection insurance is the basic variant, which can be amended or extended accordingly.

Which fields are covered by the basic packages of the legal protection insurance?

One of the most commonly used insurance forms of the legal protection insurance statistically is the private legal protection insurance. But what is covered and what is insured under it? The private variant for individuals covers as follows:

  • Claims for damages in connection with travel
  • Claims for damages against third parties
  • Court disputes – claims for damages for example
  • Court disputes on the subject of purchase agreements – also via eBay
  • Authorities disputes

Basic packages or an extended scope of coverage for the legal expenses insurance?

But caution! Capital investors, who purchase an apartment for old age pension profitability purposes, must go beyond the basic package, as the capital investment very often is not covered. Even family legal differences – inheritance dispute, divorce, maintenance problems, child custody claims – mostly have to be covered separately.

Whoever is active as a small or medium-sized entrepreneur has to look for the best legal protection insurance comparison for his field, in which cancellation rights and problems with employee certificates or salary disputes should be included.

Traffic disputes are covered by the motor legal protection insurance, whereby it is irrelevant whether you are the driver of a car or a motorcycle, whether you are a pedestrian, a cyclist or a passenger of a public conveyance. Disputes with a workshop or with car dealers also slip into this category of the legal protection insurance. Likewise penalties and resultant court proceedings are covered.

Residential legal protection should basically be self-explanatory, in case of utility billing, rent reduction, etc., you should be well cared and this must be included in the legal protection insurance comparison. Those who are landlords of a residential property and need a legal protection insurance, can also protect themselves against defaulting tenants, to avoid extra costs as a result of lawsuits.

What to consider for the legal protection insurance?

After fixing the components – the building modules – it is important for the customer that with the the legal protection insurance comparison the policy of the legal protection insurance needs to be adjusted precisely to the point. Here it is important to define the extent of the customer’s policy: should it cover a single-person household or even a family-household? Every customer opting for the family policy, automatically makes sure that the partner (usually also with same-sex partners) and existing children also get insured. With regard to the protection of a registered partnership of a same-sex couple, one should pay attention to what the insurer puts into his framework by comparing the legal protection insurance.

In this framework – including car insurance – the amount of the deductible matters. This is the size of costs which the customer has to contribute in case of a dispute. Consequently the deductible in the legal protection insurance gives us information as to what maximum amount you would need to pay. The following applies for the legal protection insurance comparison: The higher the deductible, the lower the premiums.

The next criterion for the legal protection insurance comparison is the sum insured. Not every legal protection insurance provides identical coverage levels: Here you can determine to which maximum amount the cost of litigation will be born. If a dispute is pulled through all instances, very large sums of money can be reached very quickly and therefore the highest possible sum is an important criterion in the legal protection insurance comparison.

Whoever wants to play it safe has to look for an insurer, who offers a so-called “unlimited insurance coverage” within the legal protection insurance comparison. In Switzerland – and only in Switzerland – there is no maximum limit for the legal protection insurance. For other countries different guidelines apply that have to be queried over the legal protection insurance comparison.

Pay attention to the scope of the legal protection insurance and with the waiting times!

With the legal protection insurance comparison one has to take into account that there are time slots, from which an insurance can be used. This means that in the professional legal protection insurance you often have to wait several months after the conclusion of a contract before you can make use of the legal protection insurance at all. The legal protection insurance comparison always provides information about that. The motor legal protection insurance and the private legal protection insurance normally activate payment obligation immediately after signing the contract. This does not apply for ongoing lawsuits!

What is the scope of legal protection insurance? Whoever strives for a legal protection insurance comparison, must be aware whether the insurance company will only pay in Switzerland, within the EU, or even worldwide. Everyone who often travels the world has to take a closer look at the legal protection insurance comparison. Lawsuits abroad often cost a lot of money and you would be lost without valid legal protection insurance!

Inform yourself with the help of a legal protection insurance comparison and join the 40 percent who have already completed a legal protection insurance. You will not pay too much and have a legal protection insurance where they need it.

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