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In the field of personal liability insurance, cover options are constantly improving and premiums creating optimum protection absolutely affordable. But contracts older than five years should be brought up-to-date and checked if the same cover options of the personal liability insurance can’t be concluded over another insurer.

Liability insurance – perfect protection with the personal liability insurance should not cost a fortune

Only those who are always up to date with the liability insurance will be able to save money and ensure that their personal liability insurance covers all risks.
But what are the criteria that you should consider? What should the liability insurance be able to do? How to ensure staying calm in case of a claim? We will have a closer look into this topic.

Personal liability insurance – a small mistake shouldn’t turn into an expensive nightmare

What exactly is the liability insurance about? That can be defined simply by explaining that the personal liability insurance makes sure that the insured person’s claim. The private liability insurance guarantees that misfortunes of the insured, in case something gets destroyed or damaged, will not financially burden the insured person, if one is liable to pay compensation or replace the value. This can be illustrated quite simply on everyday examples:

  • While redesigning the private balcony a flowerpot unhappily positioned, falls down hitting a car in the street. What sounds like a scenario from an old slapstick movie could indeed be possible scenario in reality. Lucky you if you have a liability insurance.
  • Candles on a birthday cake are forgotten – without a liability insurance it could get very expensive.
  • It’s nice to look forward to a visit at your best friend’s home, where you are even allowed to smoke. Unfortunately his new designer couch may be dirt-resistant but not resistant against ember falling down on it from your cigarette.
  • The new painting, which you got for you birthday, looks quite fantastic. It would be a wonderful eye catcher in the corridor. Too bad that a water pipe runs exactly at the point where you want to drill the screw in the wall. In no time the neighbour’s living room is turned into an indoor swimming pool. A very cost-intensive misfortune but not if the private liability insurance applies.


Personal Liability Insurance is an important cornerstone of any private insurance

Personal liability insurance is an important cornerstone of any private insurance. It covers all cases of damage that occur in our everyday lives.
These cases (if the damages are payed by the liability insurance) can potentially involve large five-figure amounts (or even higher) if the causer is obliged to pay for them.

It can get even more dramatic and expensive, if the flowerpot doesn’t hit the car, a scooter or a bike, but a person. Claims then raise into a six-figure amount and in case the victim suffers from a permanent damage or even dies, a seven-digit loss total is not uncommon. Sums that will indeed ruin everybody without a liability insurance. Consequently take out a private liability insurance and you will be protected against ruinous claims for damages.

Liability Insurance – The private liability insurance applies when it comes to asset protection

The private liability insurance intercepts emerging risks if one is affected by misfortune. The liability insurance provides the best service when it comes to the payment of law regulated compensations based on negligence. Caution! Wilful damage is obviously not included!

If the private liability is called in, it will be carefully examined whether the claims are legally justified, as each insurer wants to avoid making unwarranted transfers. Unfortunately, the liability insurance frequently gets misused under the motto “From old to new, and the insurance company pays”. This, by the way, is insurance fraud, which is liable to prosecution.

In order to avoid fraud, insurance companies have their appraisers who examine circumstances if they appear strange to them.

Experts say that the personal liability insurance is the most important insurance!

But how is the personal liability insurance optimally set up, if it is so important? First of all, it is important that the customer and policyholder must pay careful attention to the sum insured. A few years ago, a sum insured of three million was taken for an adequate insurance coverage, while in the meantime no liability insurance sum should start under five million. Medical services after a negligent harm to a third person, which are also covered by the private liability insurance have meanwhile become too expensive. Even scrapes on cars caused by shopping carts or bikes are becoming increasingly expensive.

Does the personal liability insurance also covers damages caused by children?

Is a personal liability insurance indispensable when having small children? Damages caused by children may happen and have to be regulated if the parental supervisory duties haven’t been violated. Some insurers have taken advantage of this in the field of the liability insurance and also provide benefits for damages caused by children.

This goes beyond the power bundle, but ensures that long-lasting friendships do not break up just because the kids have been romping a little too wildly ruining the new TV. And to the delight of many parents the majority of insurance companies now offer additional protection for the personal liability.

Liability Insurance – on a voluntary basis, nevertheless indispensable

What must be included in the basic protection of the personal liability insurance? What exactly is covered by the liability insurance? Which extras are included in the private liability insurance and when does the insurer not pay for the liability insurance? These are all questions that need to be clarified and again rules of thumb can be help.

Basic protection in the private liability insurance:

With a basic protection in your liability insurance misfortunes within the private sector can be intercepted. Therein animals are also included as initiators. This basic protection in the liability insurance can be expanded easily at one’s own discretion and needs to include: insurance in case of key loss; insurance for damages caused by smoke and damp. Children are usually included in the insurance, but only until reaching the age of legal responsibility. But when it comes to private liability it is important to consider that it is always about negligent acts. Broken teeth caused by a dispute with the neighbor for example, have to be covered privately. And even borrowed things – like lawn mowers, cars, TVs and expensive cameras – are treated like property. It must always be kept in mind that it case of damage or loss by the lender, the liability insurance is not liable for compensation.

As part of the claims adjustment by the personal liability insurance, the following damages are covered:

  • personal injuries
  • property damages
  • financial losses due to personal injuries and property damages
  • financial losses NOT caused by personal injuries or property damages

All this makes it easy to recognize the importance of the personal liability insurance if you want to protect your property.

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