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Insurance advisory for your car insurance, health insurance etc.

The first own apartment, marriage, children – one’s individual situation changes in the course of a lifetime again and again. Therefore it is advisable to review the personal insurance covers regularly and adapt them if necessary.
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Moving out from the parents' house
  • The basic health insurance cover with an accident insurance if one does not have an employer.
  • Private liability insurance in order to be secured in case of an at-fault accident.
  • Insurance against invalidity in order to be insured during the vocational training or university studies additionally to the minimum national security (AHV/IV).
  • In case of using third party vehicles it is recommended to add “driving third party vehicles” to the liability cover of the car insurance.
  • In case of regular stays in foreign countries an extension of the health insurance is recommended which covers treatment abroad as well as the transport back to your home country..
  • A household insurance is recommended if someone owns expensive objects. The first own apartment is usually rather favourably furnished.
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Car purchase
  • Regarding car insurance a liability cover is mandatory for each vehicle which participates in public traffic. Without a liability cover the road traffic licensing department will not grant a permission and number plates will not be issued.
  • For leasing vehicles a collision Casco cover with your car insurance is mandatory.
  • The inclusion of the partial Casco cover with the car insurance is recommended if the car is not older than five to seven years. It covers damages to your own car as for example damage caused by game animals, by collision with other animals, or car theft.
  • The collision Casco with the car insurance covers the value of the own vehicle, irrespective of the accident perpetrator. This insurance is recommended for new vehicles and is mandatory for leasing vehicles.
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Partnership, marriage or starting a family
  • The basic health insurance for a new-born child is mandatory in Switzerland.
  • Checking one’s own precautions is absolutely necessary to ensure that in case of disablement or death the family is financially secured.
  • A joint private liability insurance combined with a household insurance is cheaper than separate coverage. Insurance companies are often very obliging with a premature cancellation of the old policy.
  • If partners also use a common car, he/she should be added to the car insurance policy as additional driver. This can prevent the insurance from refusing or shortening the payments in case of an accident.
  • A disability insurance for the child is advisable as mandatory protection by social security is limited.
  • It is also worthwhile to consider the inclusion of a supplementary cover to the health insurance policy of the child, which accounts for possible tooth corrections. For this purpose, insurance should be effected before the child goes to the dentist for the first time or before it is four years old.
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Building or buying a house
  • An owner liability insurance covers possible property and personal damage which third parties may suffer in the course of building a house. These can be neighbours, passengers or third party buildings.
  • A property insurance as well as an insurance for the construction period covers damages to the building by fires and elementary events such as floods, hail or storm.
  • It is absolutely necessary to review one’s own precautions in order to ensure that a possible mortgage does not represent a financial risk.
  • The household insurance should be examined and adapted if necessary.
  • A legal protection insurance can cover financial effects of possible legal disputes for example within the range of neighbouring rights.
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  • It is advisable to review one’s own provisions for old age because a loss of income insurance is no longer necessary.
  • The accident risk insurance is no longer covered by the employer and should be included in the health insurance.